Seminars and workshops

All our intercultural seminars and workshops are based on our analysis and knowledge of the environment, of the seminar participants and on the outcome as it was set by the customer. We dedicate time and effort to careful preparation because we believe that it makes our proposed solutions efficient.

Just as each company with its context and focus areas is unique, so are our seminars and workshops for each specific client. In line with the client's and participants' needs our seminars develop intercultural competences, cultural awareness, the knowledge of cultural differences and cultural realities.

Our programmes are put together in a way which best helps participants understand relevant situations and supports their motivation and ability to use new knowledge and skills in practice, while being fun.

    We therefore combine:

  • Simulations (experiential learning)
  • Case studies,
  • Discussions with experts
  • Podcasts and videos,
  • Team coaching,
  • Group feedback from psychometrics and diagnostic (e.g. The International Profiler),
  • E-learning before the programme or between its parts,
  • Self-reflection exercises,
  • Cultural briefing,
  • Thematic workshop modules,
  • Follow-up modules