Relocation: Expatriation and Repatriation

It would be foolish to expect that a good manager or specialist will be an equally good manager or specialist anywhere in the world.

According to global research, a large part of the so-called expats (employees sent to work abroad) return early and many hand in a notice either while working abroad, or soon afterwards.

Whether or not a relocated employee will fulfil the organization’s expectations while working abroad largely depends on the extent to which he and his family manage to adapt to the new cultural environment. And that’s what our expatriation programmes facilitate for our clients and their families.

In repatriation programmes, we enable the underestimated process of re-integration in the original organization and culture run smoothly.

Our clients and their families get the opportunity to develop their intercultural competences and cultural awareness, gain knowledge of relevant cultural differences and learn about practical cultural realities. Psychological counselling offers room for professional therapeutical support to expats and their families.

Our programmes aimed at preparing people to live in specific countries or regions benefit from cooperation with the so-called cultural experts. They are our colleagues from all over the world who have their own experience with long-term stays and cooperation with partners from the target cultures. They help our clients appreciate the perspectives of their foreign partners. They share their business ‚best practices‘ and provide practical tips for everyday living in a particular city.

What can expats do to facilitate their adaptation?

They may start with answering a few initial questions.

Expat’s check list

What can the organisation do to support the expatriation process?

What can the organisation do