Psychological counseling

Contrary to business coaching, personal counseling is aimed at individual clients (expats, their children and partners, employees of not-for-profit organizations or the public sector, students etc.) who for whatever reason live or will live between two or more cultures and who look for answers not only to professional, but also to other principal questions.

    Relocation counseling is intended for those of you who,

  • want or have to move to another country and do not feel sufficiently prepared for the move,
  • live ‚between cultures' and need to identify where you belong,
  • seek to answer the question, ‚Where do I want to live?',
  • live in a foreign country but feel isolated or feel alien,
  • sort out issues regarding your own cultural identity.

    We will help you realise,

  • whether relocation is the right choice for you,
  • where you want to live and when,
  • what you need so that you feel well where you live or will live,
  • what your cultural roots and your cultural indentity are.
  1. via the telephone or e-mail, we will agree a 45-minute meeting,
  2. we'll see whether we ‚match',
  3. we plan our first session.

Relocation as a key life change

    We can offer our clients such support thanks to,

  • Expertise in psychotherapy and coaching,
  • Degree in intercultural psychology,
  • Own repeated experience with relocation,
  • Long-term experience with clients who relocated.