Michael H. Rosák about himself

Expertise: Czech and Slovak Republics, China, Denmark, Canada, United States and the region of the Middle East.

Michael Rosak works with AFS Intercultural Programs as an internal International Consultant and free-lances as a trainer and coach. He specializes in Intercultural Management, and Consultancy in the areas of Personal and Organizational Development, Communication and Organizational Culture. He also works as Facilitator of Experiential Learning programs. In this capacity he has worked with companies in the Czech Republic, the USA and Great Britain.

He is a certified trainer of the European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL) and is certified to work with the programs and metrics of Persona Global, in Mental Toughness and the Integrated Leadership Model. Michael also participates annualy in the Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication in Portland, Oregon and is certified to work as an intercultural trainer and coach with DFA Associates, Brrokfield Intercultural Group, rw3 and Cartus Intercultural Solutions.

As a trainer, consultant and coach, Michael focuses on the development of intercultural competencies in individuals and teams and on the preparation for long-term assignments abroad. He has a wide experience in coaching international managers who work in the Czech Republic and prepares a custom-fitted training, which eases their orientation in communication and work-related cultural differences. He also trains management and leadership development.

Michael H. Rosák has a degree in International relations and Political Science from the Charles University in Prague and also studied in China, Hong Kong and Denmark. He’s been focusing on the issue of intercultural adaptation for the past 13 years and was a member of board of European Federation of Intercultural Learning (EFIL) and a Chairman of Board of the Czech partner organization AFS Intercultural programs. In the past, he has worked as a Coordinator of Training Programs in the Middle East with a humanitarian organization People in Need.

His clients are managers and leading professionals from banking, IT and telecommunications industries.

His working languages are Czech and English, and he can communicate in Cantonese, German and Danish.