Antonio Sedda about himself

Expertise: Italy, Spain, Czech republic

I am an Italian native with over 13 years of experience dealing with Italian and Spanish people and business counterparts and 7 years with Czechs in the fields of marketing and sales

I can count on diverse experience with "one to one" sales and marketing relationships, from little local marketing agencies, where I got familiar with the typical mid-small businesses entrepreneurial mindset and practices, up to some of the biggest IT international majors, such as Sun Microsystem and SAP (dealing with Inside Sales and Marketing Operations), where I learned all the best practices of the international working environments.

I occasionally teach foreign trade students at the Metropolitan University Prague on how to deal with challenging intercultural business situations.

Merging the rigorous technical competences acquired through CEE Intercultural to my natural curiosity for diverse business cultural approaches, I have developed a creative and, at the same time, practical approach to the most common intercultural issues.

I have a Master's degree in E-Business and graduated majoring in International Politics.

My working languages are English, Italian and Spanish.