Michaela Škrábová

Expertise: Japan, General cultural competence development

I am an intercultural trainer specialised in Japan (Czech-Japanese cooperation, historical and social context, practical life in Japan).

Currently, I work as a lecturer at Graduate Business School London ("Business communication with the Japanese"), at Metropolitan University Prague ( for Foreign trade students "Intercultural communication in business environment") I am a Ph.D. candidate in psychology at Charles University, where I am responsible for the area of intercultural training. My dissertation theses compares Japanese and Czech ability to communicate with foreigners in the workplace.
Previously I worked the company Assessment Systems, Inc., where I focused on statistical analyzes and was helping with assessment center design. I worked for 2,5 years as a compensation analyst at Aon Hewitt, where I internally organized workshops on intercultural communication as well. In this position I was part of an international team, responsible for EMEA region, where I communicated with my superiors and subordinates from all around the world on a daily basis.

I studied English in Melbourne, in Australia, psychology at Regensburg University in Germany and Japanese language and psychology in Hiroshima, in Japan.

During my stay in Japan, and during subsequent cooperation with the Japanese I was noticing the smallest nuances between Czech and Japanese mentality and behavior. Japan is an exotic country, which is shrouded in many myths and prejudices. In my opinion, it is possible to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings by explaining the Japanese mentality and its roots, and you can get that way much deeper and more valuable relationships with Japanese colleagues or friends, who really appreciate your attempt to understand their culture.

My working languages are Czech and English, I also speak Japanese, Italian and German.