Andreas Pieralli

Expertise: Italy, Czech republic

I was born in Italy in a Italian-Czech-Bulgarian family. Since childhood I had to learn to adapt myself to a very different cultural environment. In order to understand those differences I naturally grew up with a deep and powerful sense of perception of details, information and knowledge regarding cultural differences. I met and worked with hundreds of Czechs and Italians – I am able to perceive the uniqueness of each person and at the same time he thoroughly know the weaknesses, sins and vices, as well as strengths, virtues and beauties of both nations.
I currently work as an expert on Italy as for intercultural training for CEE Intercultural and at the same time as a freelance journalist, writer, blogger, teacher and translator of the Italian language.

In the past I worked for 5 years as a consultant for Italian companies investing in the Czech Republic - first as the co-founder and partner of a new consulting company specializing in Italian clientele, later as an independent business consultant. Then I led a two years large-scale training project in Prague for the personnel of the hospitality industry through Italian know-how (with more than 500 successful graduates). Until recently I worked as the editor in chief of the Camic MAGAZINE, the bimonthly Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce's magazine.

I am member of the Czech-Italian Chamber of Commerce, of the Union of Interpreters and Translators, of the Association of the Friends of Italy and of the board of the association Art For Public.

I studied Economics at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Florence where I completed postgraduate studies in Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises.
My working languages are Italian, Czech and English. I also speak Spanish.

Why do Italians gesticulate so much? Why do they speak so loudly, they are always late work so chaotically, but nonetheless the whole world loves them? I will be glad to tell you more about this and other Italian specifics.