Štěpánka Busuleanu

Focus: intercultural trainings, Germany, Russia, Poland

Living and working with people from different cultures belongs since a long time to my everyday life.

Since 2004 Štěpánka Busuleanu has been working as intercultural trainer and in the last years as evaluator of education programmes. She focuses on intercultural education and biographical approach which helps to benefit from life experience of everyone and use the potentional for personal development.

During the study of psychology at the University of Regensburg (Germany) she started to held intercultural trainings and seminars for multiplicators especially in the field of international youth education. The interest in Middle and Eastern Europe she advanced during the European East-West Studies at the University of Regensburg and during her study and work visits in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Poland.

She cooperated with many non-governmental organizations and foundations which act in Middle and Eastern Europe. As programme assistant of the „Theodor Heuss“ - a programme of Robert Bosch foundation she coordinated education projects in Russia and Ukraine, supervised the participants of the programme in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, North Caucasus and Middle Asia and hold seminars of intercultural education and international project management. She acted as evaluator of the education projects and contributed to improve the quality of the projects..

She is PhD student at the European Viadrina University of Frankfurt/ Oder in the PhD programme „External democratization and civil society in post-socialist Europe“. In addition she is working as research assistant at the Institute for quality improving of preschool education in Berlin.

Since 2001 she has been living in Germany - nowadays in the international metrolope Berlin.

She works in Czech, German, Russian and Polish and has a good working knowledge of English.