Zuzana Duffková about herself

Expertise: General cultural competence development; Germany, Austria, Czech and Slovak republic, CEE region

I am founder of CEE Intercultural and am primarily concerned with design and delivery of programs in the field of intercultural management.

I help my clients create synergies in their multicultural teams, transform their global experience into local contexts, develop strategies for intercultural (virtual) cooperation or deal with different behavioural patterns or values of their counterparts. I also support my clients in the process of relocation: in the preparation for an assignment, in repatriation or in dealing with emotional stress connected with relocation.

I further work in the area of organisational development (eg. organisational culture transformation, identifying employees for foreign postings or talents for global careers)

I can effectively support my clients in their intercultural activities thanks to my:

  • expertise as a coach, consultant, facilitator and relocation psychologist,
  • repeated personal experience with relocation – I lived in 4 countries,
  • repeated personal experience with being part of an international (virtual) team
  • degree from the University of Regensburg/Germany (organizational psychology with business economics as minor),
  • long-term experience with clients in inter-cultural contexts.

I also focus on diversity management and career coaching.

I am certified for a number of occupational diagnostic instruments which enable her analyse the clients´ initial position and determine their development potential – I use eg. The International Profiler, International Preferences Inidcator or 360°feedback on intercultural competences for international settings. I am qualified as a trainer/facilitator with Eagle´s Flight Inc. and Persona Global Inc. and a certified as a career coach.

I am a member of European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and a SIETAR Europe (Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research).

I work as a lecturer at the University of Regensburg, University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg and the University of Applied Business Science in Offenburg (Intercultural communication and Organisational Behaviour). On a voluntary basis, I cooperate with InBáze Berkat – as psychotherapist I support migrants who face a hard situation in life.

I work in Czech, German and English and have a good working knowledge of French and Polish.