How do we work?

Seminars and workshops

We create individually customised programmes focussed at e.g. intercultural project management, global leadership, diversity management, at the setup of a ‚third culture' or expatriation and repatriation.

Coaching and mentoring

We support teams and individuals in exploiting their own potential and in identifying ways which lead to success and personal satisfaction in intercultural situations.

Experiential learning

We enable participants get hands-on experience of their intercultural competences and cultural awareness using simulations. In this way, we engage them in their development.

Psychometrics and diagnostic

We work with reliable, valid and objective questionnaires which we primarily use for development, for measuring efficiency and for recruitment.One of them is The International Profiler.

Organisational consulting

We assist with the development of processes related to our clients' global activities, with the setup of intercultural development programmes or with the transformation of organisational culture.

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