Intercultural business events

International conferences and events bring together people from different cultures - still only few of the people are actually aware how the differentness of their cultures impacts their cooperation.

Increasing the participants' intercultural competences can help you ‚season' your international conference as well as create a pleasant environment and improve cooperation.

Intercultural simulations - experiential learning

An intercultural simulation poses tasks for you in which you face limited time, change, competitive environment and uncertainty. Moreover, a successful completion of the task often requires double focus: maximise the result while developing or maintaining excellent relationships in a multicultural environment. Simulations therefore combine fun, teamwork and learning. You will have facilitators available who will energize you and ensure that the simulation turns into useful experience.

Have fun and learn e.g. in the following simulations:

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and other programmes in cooperation with TEAM.CZ.

Intercultural briefing

Intercultural briefing is designed for those teams and groups who require brief and practical information about intercultural management and relocation.

We combine the outcomes of global research, our own stories and experience and practical tips to add inspiration to your thinking about your own intercultural cooperation.

Briefing topics are selected in cooperation with you. They can focus on e.g. the cultural differences of particular countries (e.g. How to communicate with the Indians), intercultural competences (Intercultural competences in negotiation), relocation (e.g. The hidden challenges of relocation), cultural diversity (e.g. Innovation and diversity), multicultural teams (e.g. Remote cooperation) and on a number of other topics.