Global Leadership and Management of Multicultural Teams

The development and performance of a culturally diverse team are, to a large extent, determined by the intercultural competence of its so-called ‚global leader'.

Like any other leader, the global leader achieves results through people. The difference is that global leaders face an additional challenge to understand the perspective of those people they are working with. They need to adapt to the ambiguous environment and change their leadership style, decisionmaking and influencing accordingly. Moreover, they need to know how to work with distinctions within the same culture - because they relate to individual people, not to a culture as a whole.

    The development of global leadership therefore aims at the skill to harness the potential of a culturally diverse team and ensure its success in the context of an international corporation. The aim can be achieved by the development of intercultural competences, cultural awareness and the knowledge of cultural differences, and by their application in:

  • performance management,
  • delegation and empowerment,
  • team development and motivation,
  • strategic influencing within international organisations,
  • meeting management and the facilitation of strategic workshops,
  • winning commitment as part of change management.

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