Diversity management

Myths in Intercultural Cooperation:

‚Focus on cultural differences only adds to mistrust and disables teamwork.'
‚If we all follow the same rules and behave politely to each other, there will be no problems in our cooperation.'
‚There are hardly any differences between people in today's global business culture.'
‚The differences between us are minor - let's concentrate on what we have in common.'

We see it differently:

Cultural differences are a fact of life. If not recognised, or if recognised and ignored, they generate problems. People can use the potential of cultural diversity to deal with changes, to innovate and be creative and to increase their teams' performance only if diversity is accepted, appreciated and valued. People must feel safe in diversity - only then they will be willing to employ their differing perspectives.

The development of intercultural competences and cultural awareness of the team's members, as well as the knowledge of cultural differences or realities may serve as the key.

Diversity as advantage