Country specific

You cooperate or you are going to cooperate with partners from a specific country – no matter if Czech or Slovak republic, India, Japan, Turkey or Russia – and you ask yourself:

  • How do they perceive us?
  • What are the “no-goes”?
  • How do they tend to behave in team work, negotiation, decision making process or in first contact?
  • What can I expect when I am invited at a colleague´s place?
  • How can I get them on-board?

Our country specific programs help you to answer those questions.

You will meet our cultural experts, i.e. colleagues with own experience with long-term stays in your target country. Thanks to their experience, they will help you appreciate the perspectives of your foreign partners and share their business ‚best practices‘, as well as provide practical tips for everyday life in a particular location.

Feel free to contact us – we will inform you about countries we have a competent team for.

Knowledge and skills concerning relevant cultural differences and practical cultural realities are crucial part of our country specific programs. You also get the opportunity to develop your cultural awareness.

We provide briefings focused at a specific country, such as seminars and workshops or mentoring.