Business coaching and mentoring

Intercultural coaching, similar to intercultural mentoring, is based on the same principles as other types of coaching and mentoring. Besides, it considers the influence of culture on the perspective of both the coach and the coachee and on the surrounding people. Coaching increases the coachee‘s cultural awareness and ability to accommodate to a relevant intercultural situation.

Business coaching and mentoring therefore develop or enhance intercultural competences, cultural awareness, the knowledge of cultural differences or cultural realities.

Depending on the physical location of our clients as well as on the clients‘ needs we hold the sessions either face-to-face or over the telephone.

In order to identify development areas and set team or individual objectives, we also use psychometric tools in coaching and mentoring. The tools are either specific (The International Profiler) or taken from general professional diagnostic (Hogan Assessment, 360° Feedback, OrgSavvy Assessment, Mental toughness Questionnaire, Integrated Leadership Model, Emotional Capability Assessment, Persuasive Communication Assessment).